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2018 Update .

We have replanted some some new varieties of garlic from last year. These varieties did excellent and saved most of our crop for seed. Three of the varieties Kabar, Armeinian, and Georgia fire have huge cloves! some as big as gold balls! The fourth variety is  

Chimyan, a rare type we have acquired. Originally from the Chimyan Mountains in Uzbekistan, very strong flavor and bite raw, but a great flavor when cooked.

We have added some Grey Grissele shallots this year. We are hoping that they turn out well. 

Our friends at Pork and Beans Store in Westminster Md. has our garlic powder and salt.

East Rivendell Farm In Montgomery County Md. currently has our garlic powder, salt, garlic and Shallots.

When making garlic or shallot orders if your order is over 3 lbs , please give us a email with your city state and zip code and how many lbs, or call us , we will get back to you with the correct shipping charge! The site cannot correctley figure the shipping once your order is over 3 lbs. We do not want to overcharge for shipping !   

We have a bumper crop of French Red Shallots this year!  Bronze red wrappers with a magenta to red pink color ,subtle onion garlic flavor that compliments rather than overwhelms. 

Gourmet Garlic Bulbs for sale, and our all natural garlic powder and Garlic salt. 

Hard Neck Garlic. We grow many varieties of hard neck or stiff neck garlic, this type garlic is not available in most grocery stores, it has more complex and superior flavors. 

Currently we grow one variety of soft neck garlic. This variety has a unique flavor so we have added this to growing varieties.  Soft neck garlic is mostly a commercially grown garlic found in grocery stores, it has a much longer shelf life. Mostly imported from China, but some does come from California.

Depending on growing and harvest conditions determines what we will have for sale in late summer. We will take some pre-orders in early summer, so order early to make sure the varieties you want are still available. 

Garlic seed is available as loose cloves , contact us for pricing and availability. 


Our Gourmet garlic powder and Gourmet garlic salt. All of our garlic is blended with many varieties and dehydrated at low temperature. This keeps the nutrients from cooking out of the garlic. We also have our Gourmet garlic powder ground  with Ancient Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. These different salts make unique flavors when combined with our powder. Check out our all natural garlic powder and garlic salt for sale in our web store.